Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

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AED UltraTrainer

The PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer is our most compact, lightweight AED trainer solution with full customization options to accommodate any classroom training situation. This AED trainer resembles a live training experience like no other on the market. For use with patented PRESTAN Pad Sensing System.

Programming can toggle between two languages and is easily upgradeable for any AHA guideline changes.  Comes standard with English/Spanish or English/French language option.


Features of the Prestan
AED UltraTrainer
▪ High Performance Training Pads
 Clear Anatomical Placement Graphics
 Long-Life Adhesive
 Adheres well to all Manikins with no messy residue left behind
 Unique Pad Connector with locking
Connector Pin
▪ Pad Sensing System
 Pads are pre-connected
 Pads on-manikin detection
 Remote Control NOT Required
 Plugging in connector NOT Required
 Works on any Manikin
▪ Protective & Reusable Pad Tray
▪ Adult / Child Selection Button
▪ Bright Illuminated Shock Button
 Flashes when shock is advised
▪ On/Off Button with Lighted Indicator and
Program Pause Option
▪ Five Training Scenarios
▪ Clear & Calm Voice Prompts
▪ Chest Compression Rate Metronome
 Metronome can be turned on or off
 Metronome audible count reminders at 10,
20 and 30 compressions
▪ Automatic OR Semi-Automatic Shock-Delivery
▪ Programming Option to either include or not
include time for breaths after compression cycle
▪ Long Battery Life
 Low Battery Voice Prompt Warning
 Automatic Shut Off Extends Battery Life
▪ Water & Splash Resistant
▪ Programming is compliant with current AHA