Prestan Collection 1 adult 1 child 1 infant LED

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Prestan Collection 1 adult 1 child 1 infant

Our No.1 Best Seller

PrestanCollection CPR Manikin

  • Proven Reliability
  • Proven Durability
  • Proven to be the most Hygienic Manikin in our Range 

LED Feedback Standard on all models we sell

The PRESTAN Professional Collection combines one Professional Adult, one Professional Child and one Professional Infant manikin in one single collection.

Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.

All PRESTAN Professional Manikins are available with a revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant feedback to both instructors and students. The visual feedback from the CPR Rate Monitor gives students a real life feel of delivering 100-120 compressions per minute. Lights continually signal rate progression, confirming compressions are within the 100- 120 cpm range recommended by the Industry Guidelines. The yellow light will blink if the 120 cpm upper limit is exceeded, warning students to slow down. Instructors can monitor several students quickly and easily.

In addition to the visual CPR Rate Monitor, students will also hear a clicker sound as the chest is pushed to the appropriate depth allowing them to experience the true force needed to deliver real life chest compressions.

The CPR Rate Monitor may be purchased separately to upgrade any non-monitored PRESTAN Professional Manikin.


PRESTAN offers a THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against any defects in workmanship or materials under normal use with respect to its PRESTAN TRAINING MANIKINS.

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