QCPR Resusci SkillGuide

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QCPR Resusci SkillGuide

The SkillGuide for QCPR manikins enhances the ability to Measure, Track, and Improve your CPR skills. Small, portable, and lightweight, it is compatible with Resusci Anne QCPR, Resusci Baby QCPR, and Little Anne QCPR.


Offers BLS instructors a cost-effective way to provide learners real-time feedback and an objective review of performance via summative feedback on the device.


Three modes for use: Feedback, Blind and Debriefing

Real Time Feedback:

  • Compression Depth
  • Compression Rate
  • Incomplete Release
  • Incorrect Hand position (not available on Little Anne QCPR)
  • Ventilation volume
  • Compression and Ventilation counter

Summative Feedback:

  • Compression score xx%
  • Ventilation score xx%
  • Most severe errors on ventilations and compressions
  • CPR duration mm.ss.
  • Flow fraction xx%

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