Single Box Glove Dispenser – 254x102x95mm WHITE

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Single Box Glove Dispenser – WHITE

  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Expertly made from high-quality metal material to provide both long-lasting durability and elegance, this Box Wire Glove Dispenser boasts a stylish and sleek wire design that will look great alongside any room decor.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GLOVE DISPENSER. This holder provides easy access to grab a pair of gloves when needed, making it ideal for use in washrooms, hospitals, food service industries, offices, kitchens and any industry where employees are required to wear gloves.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. You can attach the glove dispenser onto any wall, cabinet or flat surface in no time. Equipped with keyholes for quick and easy installation.
  • PROMOTES GLOVE WEARING. Serving as a reminder to put on a pair of gloves before you start working, cleaning or getting involved in a messy job, this dispenser is easy to access and restock. When empty, simply slide the old box out and a new box in.

Dimensions: 254x102x95mm 

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