Padlock with Combination Lock (40 mm)

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Padlock with Combination Lock (40 mm)

Don’t you also want to store your valuables safely?

Then choose the Tri-Circle Padlock with Number Code Code Lock 40 mm. This strong number coded padlock offers extreme security against theft and unauthorized access. Whether you want to secure your Defibrillator, bicycle, storage space, locker or luggage, you are always safe with this combination padlock.

The 40mm number padlock is made of steel and has an overall height of 70mm and width of 40mm. It features a 3-digit combination lock, the code of which is set to 000 by default and can be changed to a personal code. The number combination system has large buttons, which increases the ease of use.

Choose the ultimate protection for your valuables.

  • Strong padlock with number code.
  • Suitable for various purposes.
  • 40 mm in size with 3-digit combination lock.
  • Made of steel.
  • Easy in use.
  • Can be personalized with a personal code.
  • Handy large buttons for ease of use.
  • Total height of 70 mm and width of 40 mm.
  • Keywords: Tri-Circle padlock, combination padlock, code lock, 40mm, safety, security, theft, storage, bicycle, locker, luggage, personal code.

How to change number combination on first use:

  1. When the padlock is at 000 it opens.
  2. The bracket must be rotated 180 degrees backwards, in this position you press the bracket down.
  3. In this position you can set the code you want.
  4. Then raise the shackle and the lock is set.


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