Klickfast on Leather Belt

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Klick Fast on Leather Belt

A leather belt loop, featuring a Klick Fast Dock, through which a belt can be threaded before being worn with trousers. Allows the carrying of devices on belts. This version features the Klick Fast Dock at belt level.

Product features

  • The belt loop accommodates belts up to 50mm in width
  • The standard belt loop features the Klick Fast Dock at the same level as the belt.
  • Other belt loops are available with the Klick Fast Dock positioned below belt level. This allows users to carry attached devices according to their own comfort and ensures freedom of movement of devices against other equipment carried.

Product details

Weight:0.045 Kg
Dimensions:W 52.4mm x D 37.5mm x H 79.5mm
Materials:Peter Jones Nylon; Leather; Brass

With options allowing you to use uniform equipment loops, mic tags and belts, everything from your radio systems, handcuffs, torches and mobile phones can be docked with Klick Fast fittings, distributing weight and bulk comfortably and securely around your body.