VP Premierpore Waterproof Dressings


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VP PremierPore Waterproof Dressings

(Vapour Permeable) is a self adhesive absorbent island dressing that is waterproof.

It is a one way stretch water repellent, non-woven dressing with a latex free SIS acrylic adhesive that provides soft, yet secure fixation.

The wound pad is covered with a low adherent film to enable easy removal. The vapour permeable Polyurethane film coating protects the wound when showering. It also increases pad absorbency and prevents strikethrough.

PremierPore is ideal for use on wounds with low or moderate levels of exudate, including post-operative wounds.

Made from 70% Rayon and 30% Polyester with a 100% cotton absorbent pad.

Available sizes:

5 cm x 7 cm

10 cm x 10 cm

10cm x 15 cm

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5 x 7cm, 10 x 10cm, 10 x 15cm