TINA Nursing Manikin

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1. Built-in three-way movable screw in the neck:The head can be tilted 90° to the left or right, and bow down 30°, flflexible rotation
2. Reinforced oral structure, easier denture installation and removal: The installation and removal of the denture has undergone fatigue tests for more than 5000 times, and the denture can still be kept intact, and the mouth and lips will not be deformed.
3. One-piece tube structure:Integrated design of trachea, esophagus and stomach
4. Realistic urinary catheterization structure: Highly simulated urethral mucosal, realistic blocking feeling and preventing leakage
5.Gear connection structure: The shoulder joint, elbow joint and knee joint adopt a 135° gear structure, and the fatigue test exceeds 10,000 times without damage
6. Nut compression structure:The wrist and ankle joints adopt a 90° nut compression structure, and the fatigue test exceeds 10,000 times without damage.
7. Wrought iron structure:The knuckles of the fifingers adopt iron structure, which can be flflexibly reshaped to the greatest
extent, and there is no damage in the fatigue test of bending frequency over 5000 times.
8. Reinforced module cutout:At the incision position of the module replacement, the normal operation fatigue test is more
than 5000 times, which can keep the incision position and the edge of the module not torn or damaged
9. High-capacity sponge structure: 9 injection modules use high-capacity sponge structure, with a water capacity of 50
grams per cubic centimeter


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