Sunny CPR Manikin Monitor 4 Pack

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Sunny – CPR Manikin Monitor Version (4 Pack)

Chest Compression – 3 MODES

Press the ON/OFF Button to start Initiate Chest Compressions

While Chest Compressions are being preformed the monitor will indicate the number and beep simultaneously

The Number will show when the Chest Compression is performed in the correct position and dept (5cm)

If not preformed correctly there will be No Beep and number will not increase on monitor

The Green LED will flicker at 100 times per minute to guide you through correct CPR Practice

  1. Mode 1 – Each Correct Compression will increase the number on the Display
  2. Mode 2 – Metronome will sound to start practice mode
  3. Mode 3 – Practice mode for 60sec – Result after 60 ssec A  (101-110)-B (91-100) -C (81-90) -D (71-80) -F FAIL