SimVS ECG / Defibrillator Simulator

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SimVS Hospital Monitor

SimVS Hospital Virtual Simulation System provides a comprehensive solution for realistic simulation in any setting. SimVS is focused on providing effective portable monitoring solutions for all specialties and can be used with standardized patients, manikins, or full body simulators.

Features include high resolution display, present or on-the-fly scenarios, debriefing with checklists, and two-way feedback.

SimVS Hospital Defibrillator Includes:

  • SimVS Hospital License
  • 20 Scenario Library ( 20 ACLS/PALS Scenarios)
  • 2 Tablets: Instructor, Student 12″
  • Router
  • Defibrillator Bag
  • 12 Leads, 3 Lead, Defibrillation Pads, SPO2 and BP Cuff

Now with Screen Options Lifepak, Zoll and GE