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Silk Medical Adhesive Tape


Available 1.25 & 2.5m x 10m


• Non Sterile.
• Premier Silkpore tape is an Acetate based tape material with polyacrylate adhesive.
• Tears easily in clean straight lines, cross-wise and length-wise without fraying edges.
• This non stretch tapes that provides excellent protection and rigidity once applied.
• Breathable, making it gentle on the skin and reducing the risk of maceration.
• Can be written on, easy to trim-to-size, sticks well to itself and easy to use with gloves on.
• Always ensure skin is clean and dry before applying tapes, clip hair on the tape adhesion skin area if necessary.
• Consider using a stretchable tape if there is a risk of swelling.
• Do not encircle an entire limb with tape, subsequent swelling may affect circulation. Replace or reposition tape if swelling, oedema or loss of tension in dressing occurs.
• Always select a breathable tape where repeated taping is required, or the skin is fragile, this will help to reduce trauma/damage to the skin.


• Intended Uses; Light strapping e.g immobilising fingers and toes. Securing dressings.
• Latex Free.
• Single Use.

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