Oxygen Regulator D Size + Schrader & Fir Tree

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Oxygen Regulator D Size + Schrader & Fir Tree

• 5 Year Warranty

• 5 Year Service Interval

• Can be manufactured with any international inlet and outlet fittings

• Fir Tree Therapy Connection or 9/16th Threaded Therapy Connection available

• 0-15 lpm or 0-25 lpm available

• Luminous gauge face for night use


There are two main uses for the Oxygen Regulator. Units fitted with a pressure outlet, typically 4 bar, are used to provide oxygen to a device which requires an input at this pressure. Primarily, pneumatically powered medical devices such as a ventilator or Demand Valve. The pressure outlet is supplied in accordance with a national or international standard and there is the potential for a second pressure outlet for use with another item.

The second outlet may be to the same national or international standard as the first, or it may be different. Units fitted with a flow outlet are used to deliver variable flow rates of oxygen to a patient who requires oxygen therapy. The patient will be breathing on his own but may have a need for support perhaps to supply oxygen enriched air to increase blood oxygen levels. The flow outlet will be either a ‘fir tree connector’ or a threaded outlet. Flow outlets can be switched between different rate in the range of 0.5 lpm (litres per minute) to 15 lpm, with an optional ‘MAX’ setting of approximately 25 lpm used for system purging.


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