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Solus™ laryngeal mask airways

A comprehensive range of single use laryngeal mask airways suitable for anaesthesia and emergency medicine, including the Solus Standard, the wire-reinforced Solus Flexible and the soft compound Solus Satin.

All Intersurgical laryngeal mask airways are single use, latex free and are supplied sterile, with the following features:

  • High quality valve – To ensure continual cuff integrity
  • Classic cuff shape – Reliable consistent use
  • Essential information – Visible on insertion for quick reference
  • Low friction material – Reduced insertion/extraction drag
  • Integral inflation line – Reduces the risk of damage whilst in use

All supplied sterile Solus Standard Using specially chosen materials, the Solus Standard is manufactured with the quality , flexibility and strength required to work effectively in a range of demanding clinical applications, including paediatric anaesthesia. Available in a full range, from adult to neonate.

The Solus™ is a single use, sterile, laryngeal mask airway available in Adult Sizes

The materials used in the manufacture of the Solus™ have been specifically chosen to provide the product with the quality, flexibility and strength required to work effectively within a range of demanding clinical applications, such as paediatric anaesthesia.

The Solus™ is ideal for use in both anaesthesia and emergency medicine.

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