P5.2 Ledlenser Torch

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P5.2 Ledlenser Torch

The upgraded LED LENSER P5 flashlight is small, lightweight, and saves energy, making it one of the best flashlights you can find for everyday carry.

Running on just one AA battery, this amazingly bright flashlight produces a powerful 140 lumens – over 25% more than the original P5.

Even better, you can quickly focus those lumens for a far-out power-spot, or close-up reading beam with just one hand using our Rapid Focus™ technology.

It’s like a little spotlight for your pocket.


Length: 4.45 in | 11.3 cm

Weight: 2.86 oz | 81 g

Battery type: 1 x AA


Max Lumens: 140

Distance: 120m

Burn time: 4 hours

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