P2 Ledlenser Torch

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P2 Ledlenser Torch

The LedLenser P2 is a very compact flashlight to accompany your bunch of keys.

With a maximum light output of 16 lumens you have enough light to see what you are doing in front of you.

Due to the focusable head you can narrow the beam to make sure you can also see ahead of you during a hike.

You can focus the light by turning the head.

The Blue Moon Focus System makes sure the beam transforms from an even circle to a compact, brighter hot spot. This light derives its power from one AAA battery.

With this battery it will last approximately 7 hours.

It is quite rare that you turn this light on with a tactical switch.

You don’t often see that on flashlights with one AAA battery.

These types of lights often use rotating switches.

The LedLenser P2 comes with a nylon sheath, a belt clip and wrist strap.

As such there are multiple ways to keep it close.

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