iTrain Muscle Trainer

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iTrain Muscle Trainer


  • Everybody wants to keep a strong and slim body, even you have strictly restricted your diet, you still need to
  • exercise to keep your muscle active. Now it becomes much easier with iTrain muscle trainer. It adopts
  • wearable design, exercising your body while you are reading, walking, or doing housework.
  • XFT-iTrain muscle trainer simulates the electric signal which the brain sends to the muscle during human motion,
  • to make the muscles contract, thus exercising the body and keeping fit. To exercise different muscle groups,
  • the iPhone will send corresponding stimulation parameters to the device to simulate different modes of exercise.

Functions & Features

iTrain can assist you in achieving that washboard stomach with electrical muscle stimulation

Are you looking to achieve that flat stomach a little faster? You can now maximise upon your healthy eating efforts and current exercise by using the iTrain to enhance your performance. The iTrain is used by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and slimmers alike to achieve that edge when it comes to their training.

Combined with daily exercise the Electronic muscle stimulator can enhance the intensity of the muscular contractions thus making the muscles become more toned and stronger. Sometimes you may feel certain areas such as your abdomen seem to take longer than other areas to tone up, with the iTrain you can get that bit of extra help you require. Within ten minutes the iTrain will contract your muscles 600 times allowing you to enjoy a super-enhanced workout. Now think about it, how many sit-itrain

ups or ab crunches would you have to do to get that many contractions? The iTrain works best as part of an active lifestyle and healthy eating routine.

Once you have downloaded the free app from the Apple App Store you can enjoy and benefit from the main features of the iTrain which include:

Fitness Guide – Different exercise modes based on different body parts

Plan – Exercise plans and alarms

Records – Records of the exercise and time of different body part

Social sharing – Share your information on WeChat and Facebook

Advanced Setting – Customised frequency and pulse width

How will your new iTrain work?

Controlled by your iPhone, this device simulates current signals which the brain transmits to muscles making them contract and flex. By sending electrical stimulation parameters to the iTrain via your iPhone, the host device will send electrical stimulation to stimulate different parts of the muscle to achieve the goal of exercising that desired area and all areas of the muscle.

The device delivers impulse waves with different frequencies and intensities which stimulate the motor nerves inside your muscle fibres causing a contraction. The signals sent by the impulse waves will make the muscles contract and then relax.

Functional characteristics you can benefit from include:

  • Single button design, easy to operate, smart appearance and very portable
  • Bluetooth 4.0 controlled by iPhone
  • Pulse width, frequency and intensity of training as well as the training time are all adjustable
  • Training plan and training records sharing
  • High degree of comfortable constant current source output and bipolar asymmetric balance wave
  • Pressure alarm, load test and output protection
  • Rechargeable battery

Stop waiting around for big results and get them fast with the iTrain.

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