Advanced Half Body CPR Training Manikin ELECTRONIC wired

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Advanced Half Body CPR Training Manikin ELECTRONIC wired

Functional parameters:

1. Implementation standard: American Heart Association (AHA) International Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Cardiovascular Emergency (ECC) latest guidelines.

2. Simulate standard airway patency display.

3. Full voice prompt, you can adjust the volume or turn off the volume.

4. Check the pupillary response: simulate the comparison between one dilated pupil and the other normal pupil.

5. Check the carotid arterial response: squeeze the pressure ball to simulate the carotid pulse.

6. Manual hand position chest compression monitoring:
1) The indicator light will display when the compression position is correct; if the compression position is wrong, there will be an alarm prompt.
2) When the compression depth is correct (≥5cm, ≤6cm) and wrong (<5cm/>6cm), the dynamic feedback of the bar (yellow/green/red) indicator light will display the CPR compression depth.

7. Monitoring of artificial mouth-to-mouth breathing (breathing):
1) The tidal volume of blown in <500ml, 500ml-600ml, >600m display lights are respectively displayed by bar (yellow/green/red) digital lights for dynamic display and error alarm prompt.
2) The tidal volume blown in is too fast or too large, causing the gas to enter the stomach and there will be indicator lights and alarms.

8. Operation cycle: 30:2 compression and manual blowing (single person/double person) to complete five cycles of CPR operation.

9. Operating frequency: 100-120 times/min.

10. Operation mode: training mode.

11. Power status: use external power supply, or use battery mode, which is suitable for use in the wild without external power supply.

12. Portable control box, easy to operate and use, with voice prompts for pressing and rebounding.

13. Optional analog AED automatic external defibrillator (DM-FA6822) to simulate rescue procedures.

14. The model adopts wireless data connection, the monitoring range is more than 100 meters, and the use is simple and convenient.

THIS MANIKIN NEED to be plugged in for FEEDBACK

CPR ADD KIT is compatible and can be added for €75+vat


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