FlashEM Polymorphic Splints



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FlashEM 18″ or 36″ Splint Rolled or Flat

The FlashEM Splint is suited for both adults and children, and can immobilize almost any bone in the body.

It is easy to use, and comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions.

The Splint is lightweight, and may be rolled or folded for easy storage in an emergency kit or backpack.

Splints require no extra equipment and will not puncture other gear.

They are not affected by extreme temperature or altitude.

Contructed with aluminum and foam, PE Aluminum

Dimmensions: 45.7*11cm (18″) & 91.4*11cm (36″)

Colour Choice: Green / Grey

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Rolled 36", Flat 36", Rolled 36" Green, Flat (4 Fold) 18" Green