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Medical offices and clinics typically use the emesis dispenser bundle for patients that need an immediate, disposable receptacle for bodily fluids. Emesis bags provide a secure container for patients that have ongoing symptoms of nausea and vomiting. The bags close easily, and disposal is simple after a single use.

Emesis bags help maintain a clean, hygienic environment for patients and medical professionals. Disposable vomit bags are essential for infection prevention and control in hospitals and medical clinics because they help limit contact with potential biohazards. The emesis dispenser and bags are more effective and convenient than using traditional basins that spill or cause odors.

Adding the emesis dispenser and PPE dispensers to your medical office helps maintain a sterile environment for medical professionals. The dispenser bundle features a wall mounted dispenser that holds up to 24 emesis bags, and it includes two packs of bags.

How many bags does the dispenser bundle come with?

The dispenser bundle includes two packs of 24 emesis bags.

Are emesis bags for a single-use only?

Yes. The disposable emesis bags are for one time use.

Features and benefits:

  • The wall-mounted emesis dispenser bundle makes disposing of medical waste easy
  • Disposable emesis bags support infection control and medical hygiene standards
  • Refillable dispenser bundles include two packs of 24 emesis bags
  • Dispensers are more convenient than traditional basins and help eliminate spills and odors
  • The dispenser helps reduce contact with potential biohazards that spread illness
  • Durable materials make them suitable for medical treatment rooms and hospitals
  • They help maintain a sterile and clean environment for medical care providers and patients
  • The design works for a variety of settings, like hospitals, medical offices and home health care
Package Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 inches (17.8 x 17.8 x 180.5 cm); 1.05 Pounds (0.47 kg)
Date First Available June 24, 2016
Manufacturer CeilBlue
Brand Name CeilBlue
Number of Items 1
Part Number CBL105864
Brand CeilBlue
Unit Count 1 Count
Item Form Bag
Number of Items 1

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