Easy Cap II

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Easy Cap II

  • A trusted method for confirming correct endotracheal tube placement
  • The Adult/Paediatric End Tidal CO2 detectors assure you that your patient is intubated properly right from the start and remains that way during transport
  • Easy-to-use CO2 detector attaches directly to the ET tube and responds quickly to exhaled CO2 with a simple color change from purple to yellow
  • Nellcor Adult/Paediatric Colorimetric CO2 detectors are an economical, yet invaluable airway management tool
  • Ideal for intubating patients in the Emergency Department or the Intensive Care Unit
Technical Specifications
Adult Colorimetric CO2 Detector


Paediatric Colorimetric CO2 Detector


Recommended patient size Weight over 15 kg Weight 1 kg to 15 kg
Internal volume (dead space) 25 cc 3 cc
Resistance to flow 4.4 cm H20 ± 1.0 cm at 60 L/min flow 2.5 cm H20 ± 0.5 cm at 10 L/min flow


Connector Ports
Patient end 22 mm O.D./15 mm I.D. 18 mm O.D./15mm I.D.
Circuit end 15 mm O.D./13 mm I.D. 15 mm O.D./5 mm I.D.
Usage time Up to 2 hours Up to 2 hours



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