Battery ‘C’ Size Procell Intense

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Procell® by Duracell® C Alkaline Battery 1.5V – ONE UNIT

Procell Alkaline C industrial batteries are ideal for powering professional devices, such as security keypad, automatic faucet.

Reliable long-lasting power

  • Procell Constant® Alkaline Battery
  • C
  • 1.5 Volts.
  • 7-Year Shelf Life.
  • Lasts Longer In Constant-Drain Professional Devices.
  • Lower Overall Operating Costs.
  • Recommended For Scheduled Battery Replacement Programs.
  • Specifically Engineered For Longer-Lasting Consistent Performance In Constant-Drain Professional Devices
  • Ideal For Smoke/CO Detectors, Flashlights, Sensors, Wireless Mouse, Keyboards And Other Constant Low And Medium-Drain Professional Devices.
  • Operating Temperature Range -4°F To 130°F (-20°C To 54°C)
  • Individually Date-Coded For Effective Inventory Management.
  • One singular battery.
  • Meets All Major Quality, Safety And Environmental Standards.