Basket Stretcher with Straps & Footboard

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Spencer Basket Stretcher

  • The Spencer basket stretcher Shell, has been studied to confront the most difficult of emergency situations. It is ideal for rescue operations in mines, at altitude and in water.
  • Thanks to its robust form, resistance and flexibility of use, it is indispensable anytime that a reliable and safe stretcher is needed.
  • A revolutionary technique has been used in its realization which ensures uniform thickness of the entire length of the stretcher.
  • The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminium framework that aims to consolidate its strength.
  • The handles for transport, which are part of the structure itself, are placed along the entire perimeter.
  • The grommets for the fixing of the spring catches of the harnessing are in stainless steel. Inside the shell there is a removable mattress, applied with self-adherent strips, made in closed cell EPDM, which makes it impermeable to both blood and water.
  • The use of high-density polyethylene for this shell guarantees not only that it is shatterproof but also an exceptional sanitation.
  • The Spencer Shell can hold a spine board.

Specific features

  • The single shell body makes it extremely safe and easy to handle
  • The perimetral frame provides rigidity and allows to have a firm grip on the handles
  • Equipped with rings for hooks fixing perimetral rope to fix belts or accessories
  • The shape of the inferior part reduces friction during ground dragging procedures Mattress to increase patient comfort

Technical data

  • Length: 2140 mm
  • Height: 200 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Load capacity: 280 kg


Class I MD compliant with UE Reg. 2017/745
CND Classification V0899
Registration number 171960





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