Advanced Airway management Model

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Advanced Airway management Model


Accurate anatomical structure, realistic feel to the skin, oral cavity, tongue, airway, glottis, larynx, vocal cords.

Allow to simulate airway spasm

Both lungs and stomach can be inflated for testifying intubation position

Sound alert when teeth receive excessive pressure from laryngoscope

Comparison of normal pupil and dilated pupil

Simulation of bilateral carotid artery pulse

Simulation of swollen tongue or laryngospasm, increase the difficulty of intubation, simulate difficult airway management training.

Simulation of flatulence and vomiting, increase the difficulty of intubation

Trainees can practice using various apparatus including endotracheal tubes, laryngeal masks, combination tubes.

Using bronchoscope to practice the mouth or nose bronchus suction

Suitable for iGel, ETT, LMA and King LT

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