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Splints, Stretchers & Chairs


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Flex-All Finger Splint
Flex-All Finger Splint €0.85

Finger Splint

Plastic Backboard Handle
Plastic Backboard Handle €3.75


Poc-Kit Stretcher
Poc-Kit Stretcher €45.00
Spinal Board Strap Yellow PU
Spinal Board Strap Yellow PU €20.00
With Fast Clip And Metal Buckle
Ambu Perfit Collar
Ambu Perfit Collar €9.95

4 Sizes Collar

Ambu Perfit Collar Paediatric
Ambu Perfit Collar Paediatric €9.95

2 Paeditric Sizes

Ambu Perfit Ace Military Collar
Ambu Perfit Ace Military Collar €11.00

Military Collar

Adult AMBU Extrication Collar
Adult AMBU Extrication Collar €9.45 / €13.95

One size Adjustable


Paedi AMBU Extrication Collar
Paedi AMBU Extrication Collar €10.05 / €13.95

One size Adjustable 


Stiffneck Select
Stiffneck Select €12.50

Adult Multifit

Laerdal Stiffneck Select Paediatric
Laerdal Stiffneck Select Paediatric €13.80

Paediatric Collar

Sam Pelvic Splint II
Sam Pelvic Splint II €90.00 / €95.00

Available in 3 Sizes

CT EMS Traction splint
CT EMS Traction splint €142.50 / €155.00


Paediatric Immobiliser
Paediatric Immobiliser €175.00

Paediatric Immobiliser

Spinal Board Head wedge
Spinal Board Head wedge €10.00
Spider Straps
Spider Straps €34.95
For Use with Spinal Boards
Back Board Strap
Back Board Strap €2.25

Available in various colours

Spinal Board Straps
Spinal Board Straps €9.75
1 Strap
Short Vest Immobilisation
Short Vest Immobilisation €125.00
With Carry Bag SED
Flex All 36'' Splint
Flex All 36'' Splint €4.65 / €6.95

Flex All 36" Roll

Two Piece Scoop Stretcher
Two Piece Scoop Stretcher €295.00

Light Robust Construction

Folding Stretcher
Folding Stretcher €125.00

Field Stretcher 

Transit Chair
Transit Chair €275.00 / €335.00

Quality Construction

Carry Sheet
Carry Sheet €32.95
8 Handles
Incontinence Sheet
Incontinence Sheet €0.45

Ideal for Ambulance Stretchers

Pillow Case
Pillow Case €1.20

Ideal for Ambulances

Stairs Evacuation Chair
Stairs Evacuation Chair €745.00 / €890.00

Standard Model Very Robust 

Stretcher Fitted Cot Sheet
Stretcher Fitted Cot Sheet €0.95

Fits most Ambulance Stretchers


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