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Patient Handling Aids for Emergency Carers


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Folding Stretcher
Folding Stretcher €105.00

Field Stretcher 

Carry Sheet
Carry Sheet €17.50
8 Handles
Manual Handling Kit 2
Manual Handling Kit 2 €180.00

All the Basic Needs

Poc-Kit Stretcher
Poc-Kit Stretcher €45.00
LION Tactical Rescue Stretcher
LION Tactical Rescue Stretcher €125.00
Comes With Bag
Manual Handling Bag
Manual Handling Bag €18.10
Fit all your Equipment
Exstention Straps
Exstention Straps €3.00

Exstention Straps

Two Piece Scoop Stretcher
Two Piece Scoop Stretcher €295.00
Light Robust Construction
Handling Belt Delux
Handling Belt Delux €48.00
1 Size
Spinal Board With Neoprene Pad
Spinal Board With Neoprene Pad €125.00 / €199.00

High Bouyancy

Handling Belt
Handling Belt €62.40
3 Sizes
Slide Board
Slide Board €32.65

With Handles

Duo Slide Board
Duo Slide Board €49.50
With Handles
Turntable €56.20
Mini Ultra Slide Sheet
Mini Ultra Slide Sheet €11.50 / €18.00

Transfer Sheet
Transfer Sheet €35.00
Easy clean
Locomotor Flat Sheet Standard
Locomotor Flat Sheet Standard €43.28


Excel Evacuation Chair
Excel Evacuation Chair €985.00 / €1150.00

Excel Model Best Seller

Locomotor Flat Sheet Wide
Locomotor Flat Sheet Wide €42.98


Stairs Evacuation Chair
Stairs Evacuation Chair €835.00 / €890.00

Standard Model Very Robust 

Transit Chair
Transit Chair €335.00

Quality Construction

Premium Evacuslider
Premium Evacuslider €365.00

Premium Rescue Sheet

Standard Evacuslider
Standard Evacuslider €245.00

Rescue Sheet

Lifting Man Model
Lifting Man Model €195.00 / €225.00

Posture Simulation

Patient Handling Belt Large
Patient Handling Belt Large €56.00

35 - 51" Belt

Patient Handling Belt
Patient Handling Belt €49.00

26-42" Belt

EZ Patient Transfer Roller Kit
EZ Patient Transfer Roller Kit €150.00

Roller Kit

Transfer Slide Sheet Large
Transfer Slide Sheet Large €38.40


Transfer Slide Sheet
Transfer Slide Sheet €31.60


Patient Turntable
Patient Turntable €35.60

Floor Use

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