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IV Supplies

Infusion Accessries


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Stretch Band Tourniquet
Stretch Band Tourniquet €5.50
Disposable Tourniquet
Pre Injection Swabs
Pre Injection Swabs €3.95

Box of 100

IV Safety Cannuala
IV Safety Cannuala €100.00 / €108.00

All Gauges Available

SOLD Box of 50

IV Bung
IV Bung €1.84

Luer Lock Bung

3 Way Tap
3 Way Tap €0.72
With Extension
3 Way Tap Connecta
3 Way Tap Connecta €0.84
With Plugs
Tourniquet €2.95

Quick Release Tourniquet

Veca C
Veca C €0.80

IV Dressing

IV Giving Set
IV Giving Set €1.95

20 Drop Set

BD Safety Lancet
BD Safety Lancet €15.00

Contact Activated

MAD Nasal
MAD Nasal €8.50


Slip Syringe
Slip Syringe €0.10

Sizes 1ml to 60ml

Chest Seal
Chest Seal €15.00

Chest Seal

3 Channel

Chest Seal II
Chest Seal II €15.00

Chest Seal


Chest Seal III
Chest Seal III €15.00

Chest Seal

Non Vented

Denaturing Kit
Denaturing Kit €2.40

60ml & 100ml

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