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Advanced supplies which have been field tested and proven


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Denaturing Kit
Denaturing Kit €2.40

60ml & 100ml

Oral Syringe
Oral Syringe €0.25

Oral Application

Training Application Tourniquet NAVY
Training Application Tourniquet NAVY €12.50


Flow Selector
Flow Selector €98.50

0-.5 - 15LPM

SEE O2 & Entonox Category

Entonox Demand Valve
Entonox Demand Valve €249.00

NEW Demand Valve NEW

SEE O2 & Entonox Category

Oxygen Demand Valve
Oxygen Demand Valve €249.00

NEW Demand Valve NEW


CPR Resusitator
CPR Resusitator €1147.50

Automatic & Manual

Professional Resusitator
Professional Resusitator €1850.00

Automatic & Manual 50 - 100% O2

SEE O2 & Entonox Category

Professional World
Professional World €1350.00

Automatic & Manual

CAT Safety Orange Tourniquet
CAT Safety Orange Tourniquet €28.95

High Visibility / ORIGINAL

STAT Medical Tourniquet
STAT Medical Tourniquet €18.99
MAD Nasal
MAD Nasal €8.50


Easy Cap II
Easy Cap II €14.75
Adult Colourmetric
Disposable Scalpel
Disposable Scalpel €1.00
Size 10
Long Hair Razor
Long Hair Razor €0.45
Pre Op
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