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IM Supplies

Injection Accessories


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IM Needle
IM Needle €0.10
21g & 23G
Pre Injection Swabs
Pre Injection Swabs €0.10


BD Syringe
BD Syringe €0.25
10ml & 50ml
Blunt Fill Needle
Blunt Fill Needle €0.96

With Filter

BD Integra™ Syringe
BD Integra™ Syringe €1.35
with Retracting Needle
MAD Nasal
MAD Nasal €6.55


IV Bag
IV Bag €9.95

Load of loops

BD Safety Lancet
BD Safety Lancet €15.00

Contact Activated

Combat App Tourniquet
Combat App Tourniquet €28.50

EMS Tourniquet

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