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Head, Eyes,Ears & Fall

Workplace Protection


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Martcare Visispec
Martcare Visispec €1.91

Visispec glasses

Epaulettes €2.75 / €3.15

All Levels of Responder

ID Holder Security
ID Holder Security €3.45

Arm Band High Vis

Epaulettes Customised
Epaulettes Customised €3.75

YOUR TEXT + Star of Life

Hard Hat
Hard Hat €4.50


Baseball Cap Polyester
Baseball Cap Polyester €5.00

100% Polyester Cap

Karabiner €5.78


Baseball Cap Cotton
Baseball Cap Cotton €7.50

Cotton Cap

D Karabiner
D Karabiner €8.75


Cap Mesh EMS
Cap Mesh EMS €9.00

Lightweight Mesh

Delux Hard Hat
Delux Hard Hat €9.00


Ear Plug Station Wall Bracket
Ear Plug Station Wall Bracket €9.00

Wall Bracket Only

Fall Arrest Basic
Fall Arrest Basic €30.00
Ear Plug
Ear Plug €33.95

200 Pairs

Single Lanyard
Single Lanyard €42.65

Single Lanyard

Fall Arrest Advanced
Fall Arrest Advanced €50.00
Advance with Scaffold hook option
Double Lanyard
Double Lanyard €62.15

Fall Safety Lanyard DB

Ear Plug Station
Ear Plug Station €70.00

500 Pairs

ER1 Rescue Helmet
ER1 Rescue Helmet €107.00

ER1 Helmet

Self Retracting Line
Self Retracting Line €162.40

Self Retracting Line

Web fall arrest
Web fall arrest €203.50

Fall Arrest block

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