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AED Response Backpack
AED Response Backpack €45.00

CFR Responder

Conforming Bandages
Conforming Bandages €0.29
3 Sizes to Choose from
IV Bag
IV Bag €9.95

Load of loops

Advanced Airway Bag
Advanced Airway Bag €10.75

Ideal for LMA and iGEL

Stocked Option Available

Sports First Bag
Sports First Bag €23.55

All Teams

Flashpoint Medication Bag
Flashpoint Medication Bag €17.50

Large Medication Bag

Flashpoint Ampoule Holder
Flashpoint Ampoule Holder €14.75

Ideal for EMS meds

Standard Dressings Irish
Standard Dressings Irish €0.35

Number 8 & 9 Dressings

Tiny Medic Bag
Tiny Medic Bag €9.75 / €13.05

Ideal First Aid Grab Bag

FireFighter Kit Bag
FireFighter Kit Bag €42.50 / €65.00

Fire Gear Bag

Ambulance Dressings
Ambulance Dressings €0.42 / €0.94
Choose from No.1,2,3 or 4
Deluxe Tough EMT EMS Bum Bag
Deluxe Tough EMT EMS Bum Bag €21.85

1200D Nylon Black

Eyepad with Dressing
Eyepad with Dressing €0.41
Flow wrapped
Medication Bag / Drug Module
Medication Bag / Drug Module €27.75

Large Capacity

Series Bag 500
Series Bag 500 €6.95 / €12.00

Stock you own First Aid Kit Bag

Trauma Oxygen Bag
Trauma Oxygen Bag €29.55 / €37.50

Great EMT Bag

Triangular Bandage
Triangular Bandage €1.25

Calico Triangular unhemmed

Deluxe EMT/EMS Bum Bag
Deluxe EMT/EMS Bum Bag €19.75

Shoulder or Waist

Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide  Bag
Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide Bag €36.50 / €48.00

Therapy Bag Over Shoulder

Quick Roll Intubation Bag
Quick Roll Intubation Bag €27.75

Airway Pouch

Midi Medic Bag
Midi Medic Bag €19.45 / €24.35

Midi Medic

Small Bag Pouch
Small Bag Pouch €3.50

Navy, Yellow, Red

Large Bag Pouch
Large Bag Pouch €4.50

Navy, Yellow, Red

Trauma Bag Square
Trauma Bag Square €32.50 / €34.50

Supplied Empty

Large Bag Pouch Trauma
Large Bag Pouch Trauma €19.50


FSM Responder Bag
FSM Responder Bag €68.65 / €82.50


Large Bag Pouch Burns
Large Bag Pouch Burns €17.75


FSM Oxygen Trauma Bag
FSM Oxygen Trauma Bag €101.50 / €126.95

AP Designed

Paramedic Backpack Mini
Paramedic Backpack Mini €67.50 / €115.00

Ideal for EFR & EMT

Paramedic Backpack
Paramedic Backpack €145.00


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