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First Response Kits

Kits to Aid the initial treatment of traumatic and medical emergencies.


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AED Response Kit Bag
AED Response Kit Bag €3.50

Kit Bag

AED Response Kit
AED Response Kit €10.00 / €11.90

15% OFF

CPR Mask Pouch
CPR Mask Pouch €3.50

Mask Belt Pouch

1 Person First Aid Bag
1 Person First Aid Bag €3.90

Single Person First Aid Kit

HALF Price

Bag 500 Compact Kit
Bag 500 Compact Kit €18.65

Ideal for Off Site Use

Bag 500 Training
Bag 500 Training €16.50

Sports Training Kit

Tiny Medic EFR
Tiny Medic EFR €39.25 / €60.00

EFR Kit 

Tiny Medic Sport
Tiny Medic Sport €42.85 / €60.00
Ideal for all Sports
High Vis Vest
High Vis Vest €1.00 / €12.00

Emergency First Responder

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