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Defib Pads and Batteries

Spares for leading Brands


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2 Year Service
2 Year Service €200.00

Conditional Service

Adult Pads
Adult Pads €60.00

Replacement pads

Paediatric Pads
Paediatric Pads €85.00

1-8 Years or >25Kg

HR501-Battery €120.00
4 Year Battery LiMnO2
Radian HR501 AED Pads Adult / Child
Radian HR501 AED Pads Adult / Child €55.00

HR501 AED Pads

Zoll AED Battery
Zoll AED Battery €54.40

DL 123

DCF-E210 Battery
DCF-E210 Battery €294.99
7 Year
Defib AED Pads Adult
Defib AED Pads Adult €55.00 / €85.00
Adult Pads
Defib AED Pads Paediatric
Defib AED Pads Paediatric €95.00
Paediatric Pads
Quickpak Kit
Quickpak Kit €140.00

Charging Stick & 2 x fastpatch Electrodes 

Paediatric Infant Child Pads
Paediatric Infant Child Pads €107.00

Infant Child AED Pads

Paediatric Starter Pack
Paediatric Starter Pack €150.00

Quick Combo Pack for CR Plus & LPK1000

Lifepak 1000 Batter REplacement
Lifepak 1000 Batter REplacement €250.00
5 Year
EDGE Systems Electrodes
EDGE Systems Electrodes €28.00

Adult Pads

Edge Paediatric
Edge Paediatric €45.00

Paediatric Pads

Laerdal HS1 Replacement Battery
Laerdal HS1 Replacement Battery €145.00

HS1 Battery

Laerdal HS1 Defib Pads
Laerdal HS1 Defib Pads €57.00


Laerdal HS1 Defib Pads
Laerdal HS1 Defib Pads €98.00


Laerdal FRX Adult Defib Pads
Laerdal FRX Adult Defib Pads €60.00


Samaritan Adult Pad Pak
Samaritan Adult Pad Pak €125.00

Adult Pad Pack

Samaritan Paediatric Pad Pak
Samaritan Paediatric Pad Pak €145.00

Paediatric Pad Pack

Cardiac Science Battery
Cardiac Science Battery €295.00

G3 Plus

Cardiac Science Pads
Cardiac Science Pads €55.00

Adult Pads

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