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Advanced Airway

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Advanced Airway Fixation Device
Advanced Airway Fixation Device €3.50

Fixation Device

Catheter Mount
Catheter Mount €2.00

Expandable Flexi-Lock with Luer Lock Elbow

Disposable Bacterial / Viral Filter BVM
Disposable Bacterial / Viral Filter BVM €1.50


Easy Cap II
Easy Cap II €14.75

Adult Colourmetric

Laryngoscopes Handle-LED
Laryngoscopes Handle-LED €13.00


Laryngoscopes Mac Blade
Laryngoscopes Mac Blade €5.75

Mac Sizes 2,3 & 4

Magill Forceps
Magill Forceps €6.95

Adult & Paediatric

Endo Tracheal Tube
Endo Tracheal Tube €4.10
Sizes 6 - 9 Available
Laryngeal Mask Airway
Laryngeal Mask Airway €8.65
Sizes 3,4,5
iGel €16.05

New Standard Airway

iGel Kit
iGel Kit €16.50

New Standard Airway

Endotracheal Stylet
Endotracheal Stylet €3.50

2 Sizes

Intubation Bougie
Intubation Bougie €7.50 / €33.00

2 Sizes

Water Based Gel
Water Based Gel €0.44
5g Sachets
BD Syringe
BD Syringe €0.25

10ml & 50ml

Airway-Larry & Stand
Airway-Larry & Stand €1050.00


Life/Form Airway Larry Manikin
Life/Form Airway Larry Manikin €1200.00

Includes CPR Function

CALL 0404 62111 TO ORDER

Peak Flow Meter
Peak Flow Meter €15.00


Peak Flow Meter
Peak Flow Meter €15.00


One Way Valve
One Way Valve €0.65

Suit Both Peak Flow Meters

Chest Seal
Chest Seal €15.00

Chest Seal

3 Channel

Chest Seal II
Chest Seal II €15.00

Chest Seal


Chest Seal III
Chest Seal III €15.00

Chest Seal

Non Vented

Respironics Optichamber Diamond
Respironics Optichamber Diamond €12.50

Aerosol Spacer

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